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The digital transformation we will see in the next decade, including the rise of 5G, will take place mainly at the edge of the network. To create and maintain strong edge computing, solid IT infrastructure needs to be rapidly deployed in remote locations as efficiently as possible.

Vertiv™ VRC-S Edge-Ready Micro Data Center System


Vertiv™ VRC-S is a micro data center solution fully industry-standard assembled at the factory and designed specifically for IT edge applications. Available in various configurations, the Vertiv VRC-S is delivered in days and installed in hours. Choose from four different cabinet sizes with two different cooling methods (split and self-contained) with back-up, and the option to integrate a UPS. An intelligent switching PDU including monitoring of all components and a comprehensive software package complete the offer. More

 SmartMod Infrastructure

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Prefabricated buildings for a wide variety of applications and industries, designed as easily transportable, preassembled modules for rapid deployment. The SmartMod™ is specially designed with data center managers’ needs in mind, offering an intelligent, rapidly deployable, prefabricated enclosure for modular data centers. More

SmartMod Max


Vertiv™ SmartMod™ Max extends the capability of SmartMod™ all-in-one data center. Available in two versions, DX or CW, SmartMod™ Max is designed for IT deployments up to 180 kW or 220 kW and up to 26 IT racks. It offers a simple way to install capacity in a fraction of the time a typical IT build might take. More

Vertiv™ SmartMod™ Combo


Vertiv™ SmartMod™ Combo is an extension to Vertiv SmartMod family, providing a standardized offering for IT deployments from 180kW to 540kW and up to 104 IT racks in total. By using Vertiv standard building blocks and the ability to mix-and-match them to create different solutions, SmartMod™ Combo enables you to have the flexibility and scalability in growing the White Space. More

 Vertiv™ Power Module


Vertiv™ Power Module enables you to deploy isolated, power-dense, critical infrastructure capacity just in time to meet your business demands. More