Strežniške omare

Strežniške omare zaokrožajo ponudbo in ustrezajo visokim standardom podatkovnih centrov.

Vertiv’s platform technology is the basis for a versatile and high-grade rack range, which, as a well- rounded solution for the most diverse requirements, satisfies the standards of the IT / Data Center and Network Landscape.

Vertiv VR Rack


Standardize your deployments around the world and bring them online faster with the Vertiv VR rack. The Vertiv VR supports a wide variety of equipment including servers, storage, switches, routers, PDUs, UPSs, console port servers and KVM switches. The Vertiv VR is delivered ready for high density environments to serve your mission critical needs — even as they evolve and change. This rack gives you the flexibility you need with easy installation. More

Vertiv Knürr DCM Server Rack

DCM rack

The Knürr® DCM Server Rack is a modular aluminum frame based rack. The rack is developed for high load capacity up to 1500 kg. One of the main features is the T-slot within the extrusions. More

Vertiv Knürr DCM Colocation Rack


The Colocation rack is specifically designed for the secure, separate hosting and housing of different clients in a rack. Partitions can be independently switched at any time. More

Vertiv Knürr MIR2 Server Rack


Vertiv Knürr® MIR2, the classic amongst innovative racks, is demonstrated by the long-standing and continuous satisfaction of our customers. Drawing on Vertiv’s extensive experience with a wide range of applications, Miracel2 has now been adapted for network and server applications. The universal Vertiv Knürr® MIR2 19″ server cabinet for fixed-location or mobile use in data centers. More

Rack Specific Accessories


Vertiv offers a complete range of accessories that have been specifically designed to make the racks fully configurable according to your needs. More

Vertiv Switch Tubes

Switch Tubes prava

Since cooling problems arise in racks equipped with consistens hot/cold separation, special airflow systems are required for switch applications to ensure reliability and energy efficiency. Our Switch Tubes is a flexible and safe add-on to your Containment. More