Containerized Infrastructure Solutions

Containerized Infrastructure Solutions are used for a variety of applications in industries such as oil & gas, mining, military, optical networks, telecommunications, signaling, and data networks. These structures are configured to site needs and built into different types of bodies, accounting for environmental, logistical and transportation concerns.


By choosing a prefabricated shelter, the interior layout can be determined before the site is selected and engineering plans & building preparation can begin at site inception. All configurations are pre-installed, integrated, tested and commissioned prior to shipment, ensuring consistency, quality and speed to market for the following applications:

  • Small Nodes (Base stations, transmission, analyzer)
  • Remote Units (BSC, repeater, distribution, remote instrumentation)
  • Switching & Control Centers (MSC, optical, automatic switchgears)
  • Energy Center (power conversion and backup)
  • Data Center (Bank, telecom, IT, gas & oil, insurance)