Secure rooms

Exposure of your Data Center may jeopardize the smooth and uninteruptible operation of the information system.

Among the major threats that your Data Center is exposed to are: fire, water, water for fire-fighting, moisture, dust, electromagnetic interference, disruption in the power supply, overheating of equipment, theft, sabotage, …

Did you know that…

… 70% of all fires start outside the Data Center?
… in the event of a fire at least 1600 liters of water per minute is released?
… burning 1 kg of PVC produces 5,800 m3 of highly corrosive gas?
… the most modern companies in the event of failure of an information system operates smoothly, on average, only 1 day or even less ?

If as a result of these threats a complete failure of the information system would occur … would you want to prevent this?


Uninteruptible operation of your information system can be provided with Secure room installation. Secure room offers effective protection against all threats mentioned above and more.