DC-ITRoom QuartzITe 9.0

Modular room-in-room system with basic protection against major physical hazards


Basic protection against:



⦁ Modular room-in-room system consisting of wall and ceiling elements.
⦁ Easy to service, innovative cable and tube duct system.
⦁ Basic IT protection against major hazards (fire, burglary, water, dust, EMC …)
⦁ System-tested fire protection EI 90 following EN 1363.
⦁ Constructional IT protection according to Bitkom DC category A.

Test certificates

⦁ EI90 system test acc. to EN 1363.
⦁ Burglar protection RC 2 following EN 1627-1630, door optionally
RC 3.
⦁ Dust protection IP 5x acc. to EN 60529.
⦁ Protection against splashing water IP x6 acc. to EN 60529.
⦁ Protection against stagnant water (72 hours, 40 cm, max. 20 water drops).
⦁ EMC protection.