Vertiv™ Liebert® PCW-PWM Model, Chilled Water Perimeter Unit 150-250 kW

The Vertiv Liebert® PCW PWM model is the answer to data centre owners and operators who are moving to the non-raised floor solutions. The PWM model completes the Liebert PCW family offering a product with a larger air delivery surface for better air distribution


  • Wide air delivery surface
  • Possibility to duct the return air
  • Latest generation of EC fans
  • Pressure independent control valve
  • Cooling override function
  • Virtual display


How You Benefit

  • Reduces air velocity and allows a good air distribution inside the server room
  • No pressurized service corridor and no hot enviroment for technicians
  • New generation of EC fans improve unit efficiency at the same footprint
  • System energy efficiency increased due to a better water distribution
  • Cooling continuity is garanteed even in case of a control failure
  • All functionalities of the standard display can be replicated through a web browser.


  • From150 to 250kW
  • From3 to 4 fans
  • Frontal and Back air delivery


Main Options

  • Touch Screen Display
  • Pressure independent control Valves
  • Dual power supply with control power Continuity
  •  Electrode humidifier

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