Vertiv™ Liebert® RXA-remote distribution cabinet

When it comes to supporting business growth with remote power distribution operations, standardization provides multiple compelling advantages over custom-built solutions. Prebuilt and configured, certified and tested, standardized Vertiv Liebert RXA provides out-of-the-box power distribution once connected to branch circuits. That simplifies both facility startup and expansion and overall management of larger data center networks.


The solution offers flexible features and multiple configuration options to accommodate different site needs and future growth while optimizing floor space. In addition, it provides embedded intelligent monitoring capabilities, and through Vertiv™ Liebert® DPM intelligent power monitoring and system control it can respond faster to any load imbalances, increasing the availability of critical systems and preventing issues that could harm valuable server equipment and cause unplanned outages.


The embedded metering system provides real-time views of electrical capacity, as well as power usage on branch circuits and mains, with the ability to achieve within 1.5% accuracy in voltage, current, power, and energy metering readings. It sends visible and audible threshold alerts on power and environmental conditions, thereby helping to prevent downtime.

The Vertiv Liebert RXA, available in 250 and 400 Amps ratings, has an easy-to-use color touchscreen display, and it provides fast and streamlined deployment. Employees don’t even need to know what final IT loads they will be running, just the maximum IT load that is expected. They can leave the final setup to the system integrator who installs the unit and populates circuit breakers and sensors on-site.

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