Liebert ITA UPS

Liebert® ITA perfectly matches the needs of modern IT loads, and with its wide input voltage and frequency range, it effectively reduces the need for battery intervention, thus prolonging battery life. It is also endowed with intelligent fans with automatic speed adaptation, which effectively save energy and reduce noise.

The Liebert ITA series is ideally suited for:

  • Small computer rooms
  • Long backup time (>30 minutes) applications
  • Branch offices
  • Servers
  • Network computers and peripherals
  • Storage device
  • VoIP

Liebert ITA V2


  • Efficiency in double conversion exceeding 95%
  • ECO mode operation with efficiency up to 98%
  • 0.99 input power factor
  • 0.9 output power factor
  • Rack-tower design
  • Optional switchboard for input/output and maintenance switches
  • Able to deliver both three-phase and single-phase output (10-20 kVA)
  • Powerful charging capability


  • High efficiency for reduced TCO
  • Remarkable active power availability
  • Installation flexibility and optimized space occupation
  • Integrated parallel and load bus synchronization
  • Extreme flexibility for different runtime configurations
  • Reduced battery recharging time
  • Enabled with VertivTM LIFETM services remote diagnostics and preventive monitoring

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