Large room cooling

Data center cooling and humidity control solutions optimize data center designs in raised floor or ducted applications. A variety of data center solutions, models and configurations are available.

Liebert HPM Cabinet Air Conditioners


Incorporates the whole experience of Emerson Network Power in a unique range of cabinet air coolers suitably designed to ensure performance and reliability. More

Liebert PDX


The Liebert® PDX direct expansion cooling unit is equipped with the most advanced industry technology which allows the unit to reach significant levels of efficiency, guaranteeing precise cooling of data centers and server rooms. More

Liebert PCW


Liebert® PCW is the ideal cooling unit for Cooling the Cloud. Utilising chilled water as its cooling fluid and available in a wide variety of floor mounted configurations the Liebert® PCW is appropriate for all data centers from 200 kW to 6 MW. More

Liebert CWA modular thermal wall

CWA V1-1

Vertiv™ Liebert® CWA, the highly efficient, ready-to-use Thermal Wall for without raised floor data centre applications. Cooling capacity range from 250-500 kW. More

Liebert EconoPhase

Liebert Econo Phase

The Liebert Econophase pumped refrigerant economizer works with the Liebert DSE cooling unit and Liebert MC Outdoor Condenser to significantly improve data center efficiency – without bringing in outside air and without using water. More