Transfer Switches

Transfer switches provide ultra-fast switching between two independent AC power sources, offering virtually uninterrupted power to sensitive electronic equipment. When used with redundant AC power sources, the static transfer switch permits maintenance without shutting down critical equipment.

Liebert CROSS Rack, 16-63A STS


Available in 16, 32 and 63A, with a nominal voltage of 230 V, Liebert CROSS Rack exists in both single-phase input and single-phase output models. More

Liebert CROSS Chassis, 160-450 A STS


Available in 160-450 A, Liebert CROSS Chassis Static Transfer Switch is delivered with both three-phase input and three-phase output. More

Liebert CROSS Cabinet, 160-1250 A STS


Available in 160-1250 A, Liebert CROSS Cabinet exists with three-phase input and three-phase output models with three or four poles. Liebert CROSS Cabinet ensures redundant power to critical through its ability to switch between two independent alternative power sources. More