Liebert PCW 20/32°C wins at DCS Awards

The Thermal Management team celebrates also this year for winning the 2018 DCS awards under the category Data Centre Cooling Product of The Year with Liebert PCW with high chilled water delta T. The DCS awards designed to celebrate innovation in the data center arena rewarding companies that have demonstrated excellence in their solutions have awarded Vertiv for its Liebert PCW High CW Delta T unit. Its innovative design improves the efficiency level of CW systems and maximises free-cooling operation all year round.

The unit’s design has a water regime of 20°C / 32°C, with an airflow of 35°C on the return side and an air supply temperature between 24°C and 25°C. This system leverages on free-cooling almost all year round with a solution that grants the complete separation of the external and internal ambient air, thus significantly reducing the overall system’s power consumption. Additionally, the increased delta T reduces water flow, further saving energy on the pumping system and allowing for the sizing of any component related to the water flow.

 Liebert PCW DCS Award

  • Liebert® PCW high chilled water delta T design improves the efficiency level of a chilled water system and maximizes free-cooling operation all year round
  • The system can be optimized even further when integrated with Liebert AFC,
  • This solution is unique in the market

Currently, there is no competitor with a unit that works at such a high delta T in their portfolio. This new operating point represents a challenge for the internal air conditioning units, as the speed of the water is greatly reduced and the heat exchange factor differs significantly compared to past applications.

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