New battery solution for static UPS: LI-ION!

The Problem with Traditional Batteries

Experienced users know that traditional lead-acid batteries are often considered the ‘weak link’ in their data center’s power chain.

With strings and strings of batteries required to support a modern facility, it might feel as if a possible failure is lurking at any time.

These batteries tend to be high maintenance, heavy, and in need of frequent replacement. Innovations in monitoring, management, and service have helped to alleviate some of these pains, but with an added cost.

Latest trends in battery usage are:

  • Shorter autonomy time
  • Higher Energy Density
  • Higher Working Temperatures
  • Smaller footprint and weight

All this goals can achived with use of LI-ION (LIB) Batteries instead of traditional VRLA batteries!

LI-ION Cabinet

Benefits of Lithium Ion Batteries

Longer Life

We can understand why users are excited when they understand that lithium ion batteries for data centers can achieve life spans of 4 times that of VRLAs. This translates into fewer battery replacement cycles and fewer operational disruptions.

Longer Life

Less Weight

The comparative power provided in an LIB solution versus a VRLA delivers a significant weight savings of up to 60%. This can reduce the floor-loading thresholds, which in turn can reduce facility construction costs. LIBs also open up the capability to locate batteries in places that have been off limits to heavy VRLA counterparts, such as high-rise buildings. Users may also see lower shipping costs in some situations.

Weights Less

Smaller Size

LIBs have higher energy densities than VRLAs. This fact not only saves weight, but allows the solution to be up to 70% more compact. This means an operation can often avoid big battery room(s). For greenfield sites specifically, space saved can be realigned for better use or omitted from designs to reduce capital construction costs.

Saves Space

Accommodate Higher Temperatures

Depending on the LIB chemistry, batteries can safely operate at higher ambient temperatures without degrading. This can save on cooling costs over VRLA and open up more flexible location options.

Saves Cooling Costs

You can download and read more about LI-ION batteries topic in the following VERTIV’s  brochures, that can be downloaded from our web page (

  • Energy Storage Solutions
  • LI-ION Battery Characteristics
  • The Emergence of Lithium Ion batteries Within the Data Center

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