Liebert® HPF package indoor unit with new EC fan version

Liebert® HPF from 7 to 18 kW is an indoor self-contained cooling system specifically designed to control the environmental conditions of technological or industrial rooms as well as of Telecom network sites.

  • It is reliable: thanks it’s generous design suitable to provide the needed quality to the cooling effect in any critical condition and emergency situation.
  • It is flexible: thanks to the wide possibility of configuration that can be selected to best fit the site needs with up to 250 Pa of available static pressure.
  • It is synonymous of low TCO (Total Cost Ownership) easy to be installed, easy to be effectively serviced, it reduces to a minimum the power consumption thanks to the availability of the direct FC through the use of 230V AC or 48 V DC fan, and even more by selected high-efficiency EC fan versions.

Liebert HPF1


  • Higher efficiency at part load
  • Lower noise emission at part load
  • Possibility to limit maximum condenser fan rpm (night mode)
  • Larger availability of EC fans (future proof solution also regarding spare part availability)
  • Emergency mode for condenser fans thanks to Modbus connection for condenser’ fans
  • Reverse rotation mode and anti-freezing routine for condenser’ fans

Liebert HPF


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